The most important tourist attractions in Salzburg


Salzburg is one of the largest cities in Austria and it is also the capital od federal state of Salzburg. It is natural that so important town can offer a lot to tourist from all over the world. Visiting this place always means experiencing something new and exciting. What is worth to see in Salzburg?

Places where you have to go

One of the most famous places in Salzburg is the house of great compositor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Nowadays the house hosts an interesting museum full of traces from a life of musical genius. If we are fascinated by beautiful architecture the best way to spend our visit in Salzburg is to go to Salbzurg Residenz and the Residenzgalerie. In past this residence was occupied by prince Bishops who has given this place its special charm. In every of numerous rooms we can admire lots of wallpapers made precisely of high quality materials.

If we want to have some nice long walk and by the way get to know Salzburg of nowadays we have to roam the streets of Old Town. This place is full of shops and resturants, small boutiques and charming workshops. Althoug this quarter has a very modern style we could stiil find some traces of history such as medieval houses and shops with hundreds years of theirs buisness.

One only thing attracts tourist to visiting Salzburg – it is very easy to find some fine place to sleep. The great accomodation is offered by the hostel in Salzburg beacause it is not only cheap but also has a very good location.

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