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The best places to see in Prague


Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It’s also the largest city in the country where you can see a lot of the beautiful architecture, amazing monuments, fountains and museums.

It’s really full of places that you should visit so it’s the best idea to stay there longer than one day. Don’t be afraid of an accommodation. The city has many luxury hotels and some bed and breakfast which are not very expensive. Probably the cheapest place to stay is hostel in Praha. Of course it would be great to find something next to the city centre but usually it’s more expensive way.

When visiting Prague you should have some good city guide and a map to choose the best route. If you love architecture you need to see Old Town Square. It is usually full of tourists and locals, especially in the summer. The buildings around the square represent the most important styles in the art history, like Romanesqe, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo. In the centre of the square you can watch the statue of Jan Hus, one of the most known church reformer.

Old Town is connected with Lesser Town by the Charles Bridge. Probably it is the most important bridge in the country. It was built in 1357 to replace the Judith Bridge destroyed in 1342. The bridge is a path over the river Vltava where you can see thirty Baroque statues. It is one of the most busy area in the city.

It is only a beginning of the Prague trip so don’t forget about comfortable shoes. They could be you best friend when visiting this beautiful city.

Visiting Vienna – never get bored


Vienna is one of the most beautiful city in Europe. Everyone who have been there once, dream about returning to this amazing place to explore it better.

Vienna has a rich history so you can see a lot of historical buildings and museums. One of the most popular place in this amazing city is the Kunsthistorisches Museum. It is a magnificent palace full of the collections of fine art.

Very important place to see in Vienna is also the Wiener Rathaus. It’s the town hall of the city and the seat of government. On the top of the rathaus you can see the Rathausmann, a symbol of Vienna. It is the Neogothic building built in the 1880s.

Vienna’s most important church is St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The first church was built in 12th century in Romanesque style. The reconstruction in the Gothic style was made in the 14th century. The cathedral was destroyed during World War II but it took only seven years to rebuild it. You can see eighteen altars in different styles there and a lot of sculptures and paintings.

Don’t be afraid of a place to stay. You can find some small budget hostel in Wien or five star hotel with luxury and professional service (i.e. Alibi Hostel Wien). You can also find some lovely bed and breakfast in the city to feel like at home.

So if you haven’t been in Vienna yet, start to think about it. It could be your best holidays in a city.

How to spend time in Venice


Venice is one of the most romantic cities in all over the world. It is very popular among couples in every age. The city offers a possibility to explore it using a boat, which is also favorable to make some good ambience between two people being in love. If we have been looking for a good gift to our sweetheart, a trip to Venice might be a real bull’s eye.

What to see in Venice?

Being in Venice obligates us to do some boat trip using a special type of boat which is called gondola. If we want to feel the real essence of this city, we have to choose some private boat and just go to see all the charm of Venice. The next day we could benefit from visiting the most interesting places in the city. The major sights are piazza San Marco which is a big square in the heart of Venice. One of the main greatest place is Torre dell’Orolgio a renaissance building with an exceptional clock and two large towers on both sides.

The trip to Venice could not be complete without tasting some of local delicacy. We could choose from a great number of restaurants offering such tasty dishes as a lagoon fish or raw sea food with company of a glass of some delicious white or pink vine. A visit in one of the best restaurants in the world is the great way to celebrate a romantic day together.

We have to find an accommodation before reserving some flights to Venice. The best option seems to be choosing hostels in Venice which is cheap, clean and also very good localized.

The most important tourist attractions in Salzburg


Salzburg is one of the largest cities in Austria and it is also the capital od federal state of Salzburg. It is natural that so important town can offer a lot to tourist from all over the world. Visiting this place always means experiencing something new and exciting. What is worth to see in Salzburg?

Places where you have to go

One of the most famous places in Salzburg is the house of great compositor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Nowadays the house hosts an interesting museum full of traces from a life of musical genius. If we are fascinated by beautiful architecture the best way to spend our visit in Salzburg is to go to Salbzurg Residenz and the Residenzgalerie. In past this residence was occupied by prince Bishops who has given this place its special charm. In every of numerous rooms we can admire lots of wallpapers made precisely of high quality materials.

If we want to have some nice long walk and by the way get to know Salzburg of nowadays we have to roam the streets of Old Town. This place is full of shops and resturants, small boutiques and charming workshops. Althoug this quarter has a very modern style we could stiil find some traces of history such as medieval houses and shops with hundreds years of theirs buisness.

One only thing attracts tourist to visiting Salzburg – it is very easy to find some fine place to sleep. The great accomodation is offered by the hostel in Salzburg beacause it is not only cheap but also has a very good location.